SUN 2nd JAN 2000

I wake up at 4:15 AM with an aching back and flu like symptoms. I doze on and off until 7:00 when we get up. The forecast says that it is going to be a lovely day with the temperature up to 80 degrees so we decide to make the most of it and visit Typhoon Lagoon.

We arrive at 10:00 and find a good spot in Blustery Bay. It is quiet early on but soon fills up and is pretty packed by midday. The girls go off into the water while I try and recharge the batteries with a lie in the sun.
Grandma joins the girls in the main surf pool where they all get wiped out by a big wave. India scratches her back a bit but takes it well which is more than can be said for Georgia who hates water going over her head.
Grandma then stays with the kit while the rest of us go for float around the park. She declines to join us after an incident where she fell out of the ring and went under the water last time she was here. As you may have guessed Grandma can't swim and is not the greatest water fan in the world. We have a relaxing float but Georgia is not impressed when she gets soaked again going through the cave.

The family raft ride is next, which is fun but very short when compared with the one at Blizzard Beach. (This is down for rehab) Another soaking for Georgia. Not her day is it? The girls play in Katchakidee Creek and Tammy and I do the other tube rides. I am finding it hard to get enthusiastic as I'm still not feeling too good.

We return to Grandma and have another relax before lunch at the Leaning Palms. Tammy gets in the line at 2:15 and, although it is not that long, she still has not paid for the food by 2:45. Eventually we pick up our order at 3:15. Fast food? Understandably many people in the line are getting a little annoyed. The poor girl on the cash register does her best to placate people, she is very nice and it is not her fault. In the end anyone that had to wait more than 15 minutes from paying gets their money back. We have $33 worth of food for nothing. This is another example of a company rectifying a mistake in an acceptable manner. Maybe I would feel less charitable if I were only in WDW for a few days but we are in no real hurry to do anything.
During our wait I have to keep leaving Tammy in the queue to sit down as I feel a bit weak and shivery despite the warm weather. After our meal we have another lie down then return to the All Star Movies where the girls want to play in the pool. I lie there for a while and then return to the room for a sleep. The womenfolk eventually return and there is much mopping of the fevered brow and sympathy for the little wounded soldier.

We go to the food court for a snack (I find the food here to be acceptable but no more) while I write up my notes and the girls play in the arcade. Then it's back to the room for a hot bath and an early night. I think we all need to have a good evenings rest.
On the plus side the weather has been sensational so far, we are so lucky. We plan to go to the Animal Kingdom tomorrow so I hope I'm better.