Awake and up and about by 9.30am. Today is going to be a relatively quiet day as it’s our last day at the Reunion villa.
Me, Tam and the girls are going to Typhoon Lagoon while Deb and Matt are going to Universal as they have Annual passes.

We are just getting in the car at 11.00am when Tam drops the bombshell. She wants to go back to the Florida Mall later today as India bought a hoodie there, but they forgot to remove the security tag. We thought it was funny that the alarms were going off every time we left a shop!
Kev is not happy, but we set off in the car for Typhoon Lagoon anyway. As we drive along Tam says ‘Oh and we can get some walkie talkies while we’re there. And India can get a present for her friend. And I can look for a handbag’.
She always does this! A 30 minute stop turns into 2 or 3 hours. Several shades of red are gone through in quick succession before I end up in a rather fetching purple hue. Tam realises her error at this point and says that we will just take India’s hoodie back then leave. Too late woman! Once a man’s ire has been raised, it remains raised until he has had several hours to calm down or a beer is imbibed. As there is no beer available in the car, a quiet fuming is called for.

Typhoon Lagoon is pretty packed, but we find a spot over by the swimming with the sharks area.
Off to Crush ‘n Gusher. This is a new slide (actually a series of 3 slides), which you go down in double or treble seater rings. You launch down a slope and are then pushed up hill by jets of water. It’s a sort of watery roller coaster. We try two out of the three slides and they are great fun. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s in an out of the way part of the park, but the queues for this are short, no more than 5 minutes.

A lap of the lazy river is taken and it helps to remind me why I like this park so much. It’s lush, green and very pretty. If you avoid the packed areas around the main lagoon you can find some quieter areas and it’s very relaxing.
Lunch is chicken Caesar salad and chicken wraps and a happy hour is spent either reading or writing the trip report depending on whether you are male or female.
We’ve spent less than 3 hours here, but it has been well worth the visit, we’ve all enjoyed it very much.

A half hour drive and we are at the Florida Mall. We enter and walk the entire length of the mall looking for the shop India bought her hoodie in before returning to our starting point to pick up a map. Of course, this improves my shopping state of mind immensely. In the circumstances I think my begrudging allowance of just under an hour for the ladies to further empty our coffers is nothing if not generous. Tam is happy as she eventually buys herself some red Converse’s.

Back at the villa Deb and Matt return from Universal and they have again been shopping in Citywalk. I believe there is an equalisation process going on here. I was born with a reduced shopping gene while Deb and Matt’s is in overdrive.

We shower and pack most of our stuff (we are off to the Boardwalk tomorrow) before driving to David’s Bar in Champions Gate, a large hotel just up the road. Here we enjoy a very nice meal. Tam and I have the Fillet Mignon while the girls share a plate of ribs. With drinks and tip our part of the bill comes to $150.

Back in the villa the ladies use the hot tub for the last time before we adjourn to the games room.
Matt and I have time for one more game of pool before the rest of the troop want a go. Final score in the great pool tournament – Matt 37, Kev 35.

We end up playing 3 a side pool, which is great fun, especially for the girls. Georgia would like to play for longer, but it’s time for bed at 12.30am.