WEDS 18th OCT 2000

Up at 7:30 for Georgia's birthday. The banner is up and she has lots of cards to open, many containing money which is what she wanted so that she can buy things in WDW. She opens her Princess pyjamas and is very happy with them along with the Tarzan video we have bought for her. We put her birthday badges on to her tee shirt and, after a quick breakfast, set off for the pool.

There is a lady giving swimming instruction to children and India and Georgia join in. It is not really teaching you how to swim, more learning not to be afraid of the water, how to float and to put your head under the water. She is a very nice lady but the lesson goes on for about an hour and the girls both come out pretty cold.

At 11:30 there is a Hoop La Coin Toss on the croquet lawn and the girls both come away happy with little prizes.
Back to the room for an early lunch before we go down to the lobby to ring Granny and Grandma so they can wish Georgia a happy birthday. Both Tam's mum and mine will be coming with us next year when we will include a week at the Boardwalk Villas, so, of course, they want to know about the weather etc.
Talking of the weather, I have not mentioned it much up to yet because basically it has been the same every day. High's in the mid 80's with evening temperatures falling to around 70. Perfect.

Back at the pool Tam and the girls go off to do the Treasure Hunt at 1:30 while I sit here and write up my trip report. I think I will lie back and enjoy the sun for a while now, I may crack open a cold beer if I'm so inclined. It's a hard job but somebody's got to do it. Cold where you are is it? Shame!

So far no one has noticed or mentioned Georgia's birthday. We have priority seating for Shutters tonight and Tammy has mentioned that Georgia is 7 today, so we will see if anything happens.
The girls come back from the Treasure Hunt with a ring and a small plastic fish. Not exactly the haul of Spanish doubloons that I was hoping for but they have had fun anyway.

After a swim we all head for the beach where we stroll and paddle. Tam hops anxiously around the shoreline while the girls and I paddle, convinced a freak wave is going to carry us away. She watches far too much television.

One advantage of all the properties along the beach front being residential is that you can stroll for miles and barely meet a soul.

Back at the resort we attend the DVC members open house for another nice glass of lemonade and a free DVC cap each, which is very nice.

After this we have a game of mini golf which is free as today is members day and we get a few various benefits. My performance is outstanding, even Tiger Woods would struggle to live with me today. I card a 2 over par 25 for the 9 holes. The odd couple of drop shots I put down to misreading the putt on the hole where you have to hit the ball through the centre of the cannon. I also think that they may have over watered the green on the shark hole.
Of course, I trounce the women, although this is not hard considering Tammy's strategy seems to be to aim at the hole and then hit the ball as hard as she can. It takes her a while to work out that the ball is not supposed to end up further away from the hole than before you hit it.

Another swim and we return to the room for showers and to dress up for Georgia's birthday party. We arrive at Shutters at 7:00 and the lady at the desk says that she has a phone call for Georgia. It is Goofy wishing her a happy birthday.
We found both the food and the service here to be very good. Georgia has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which was multicoloured and in the shape of Mickey Mouse) and fries, while India has chicken strips and fries. I have the Sirloin Steak with Mashed Potato (9 - exceptionally tender) and Tam has Prime Rib with Jacket Potato (8.75). My, she's getting fussy with her marking. Dessert is a White Chocolate Bread Pudding with rum and banana sauce (6) which sounds better than it tastes.

There is no sign of anything happening on the birthday front so Tammy has a quiet word with the waitress. A few minutes later 3 of the staff appear with a piece of cake with a candle in it and happy birthday in sauce.

We all sing happy birthday and Georgia looks suitably embarrassed. It proves that they will help to make your child's birthday more magical but you may need to give them a little reminder.

After the meal we withdraw to the Green Cabin Room where Tammy has an Islander cocktail which is $1 off on DVC members day. Tam would drink something with meths in if it was $1 off.
We sit outside on the balcony and listen to the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach. The campfire is still going on so Tam and the girls go down to catch the end of it. When they return Tam says that Justin is doing it today and he recognises India and Georgia. He also sees Georgia's birthday badge and gets everyone at the campfire to sing happy birthday, so after a slow start things have definitely improved on the birthday greetings front.

It is getting a bit breezy outside so we go in for another drink and a game of draughts. India and I take on Georgia and Tammy. Using our superior tactics and game plan we trounce them thoroughly which impresses Georgia no end as she promptly falls asleep on Tammy's lap. Time to head back to the room and bed at 10:00.

Georgia has had a fun filled birthday. This is the second birthday she has had away from home, the first was when we went on a short break to Butlins. For those of you that don't know much about Butlins, our room was smelly, damp and tatty with graffiti scratched into the furniture. We only went the once.
So which was the better birthday? Butlins or Vero Beach? Oooh .... tough one that. It takes Georgia about two seconds to make up her mind.