THURS 19th OCT 2000

Awake at 8:00, we laze around and have a leisurely breakfast before heading to the pool at 9:45.
The sea looks a little calmer today and the tide is out a little so, apart from the seaweed at the top of the beach, it looks quite appealing.

We position ourselves by the slide and watch in amazement as a boy around 11 years old insists on coming down backwards. The lifeguard asks him several times not to and on the third occasion calls him over and warns him about it. Still he persists in doing it, so the lifeguard calls him over again and asks his name. He then talks to the boy in a very friendly but firm way explaining that it is dangerous to ride backwards and that if he keeps doing it, he will be banned from the pool. I was so impressed with the way he dealt with the situation. He prevented the young lad from doing something he was not supposed to do but kept it friendly and quiet. I was not so impressed with a boy who obviously thinks that rules apply to everyone but him and whose parents are nowhere to be seen.

After swimming and sunbathing for the morning we walk up the road to get a couple of subs for lunch from the pizza place which is one of the only two shops within walking distance. These are very good and we take them back to the room to eat where Tam says 'Shouldn't we be going soon?' as we have booked places on the Indian River cruise leaving from the marina in front of Captain Hirams. I think that it leaves at 1:30 but Tam says, no, 1:00. I look at my watch and it says 12:40. Whoops! Down to the car at double speed to try and drive the 6 miles to the marina. We make it with seconds to spare.

The cruise itself is in a sort of glorified pontoon boat. We are told that you often see manatee, dolphin and alligators. Unfortunately we see none of these but it is still worth the money. We are out for about 3 hours and some of the scenery is very beautiful. We do see turtles and several different sorts of birds including ospreys, cormorants and herons. Just looking at some of the houses that line the river makes the trip worthwhile. What an amazing place to live.
On the way back across the lagoon the captain allows both India and Georgia to drive the boat while I keep an anxious eye out for icebergs.

A fun trip and I would certainly do it again. I'm sure that on another day you would be lucky enough to see more wildlife.

Back at the resort Tam sits by the pool while the girls and I go down to the beach. The sea is definitely calmer now and there is more sand visible. There is still a lot of seaweed at the high water line but very little in the sea itself so the beach looks slightly cleaner today.
Several people in the resort have told us that they very rarely get seaweed here so we have just been unlucky with the storm conditions out in the ocean. I will happily put up with a bit of seaweed if it means that the storms stay out in the ocean and leave us to enjoy the lovely weather.

Back at the pool we relax again in the late afternoon sunshine (oh, the pain!) before heading back to the room to shower and change for the evening.

The meal tonight is in Hurricane Harbour (about 4 miles away) in Sebastian. It is a pleasant little place right on the marina, with a man playing a guitar providing the background music. Tam has the Veal Marsala and Jacket Potato (7) and I have the Chicken Francaise (7) which is chicken dipped in egg and fried. The food is not bad but it could be a bit hotter and the vegetables are a bit watery. This is a typical Florida ocean side restaurant. Lovely location and very pleasant but average food, which is reflected in the price. The total bill is $48 including the children's meals, drinks and tip. You can get better quality meals but you obviously pay more for it.

Once we are back at the resort the bar beckons. We sit outside on the balcony as it is a much calmer night and feels warmer for it. The waitress asks if we saw the rocket go off tonight. What rocket? She tells us that it went off at 8:40, about an hour ago. We are all really unhappy to have missed this. I mean, they sent up a rocket while I'm here and didn't contact me personally to tell me? Don't they know who I am? Don't answer that!
Oh well, next time.

Georgia is desperate for her bed so Tam takes her back to the room while India and I finish the beer (well, I finish the beer while India provides encouragement) before we stroll down to the beach to see the stars. It is a crystal clear night and as we look over the ocean there is no artificial light to spoil the view. It is an awe inspiring sight as all the beauty of the heavens is displayed before us. Now, I know that the Disney Corporation is powerful but to provide such a majestic display just for my benefit is very moving. Thank you Michael. Now about those free annual passes.......