DAY 12

SUN 22nd OCT 2000

I don't wake up until 9:00 (probably to do with the multiple beers consumed while watching the videos last night) only to find the room empty. The ladies have been for an early morning stroll along the beach, which they all enjoyed.
Breakfast is quick and we are out by 10:30. We are having a lazy day and we sit around the pool while the girls splash around and generally have fun.

They go to the games room for a while and come back looking disconsolate. When I ask what's wrong they say that two boys took over the game that they had paid for. I apply the standard parental response of 'Well, you've got to stick up for yourself.' Sometimes I think it must be very confusing being a child. I hear myself saying the same things to my children that mystified me when I was young. We want our children to be self-assertive, confident, happy, friendly and liked by their peers without being over bearing, bullying, precocious, rude or violent. And what's the best we can come up with? 'You've got to stick up for yourself.' No wonder they feel hard done by sometimes.

At 12:30 we take a stroll along the beach to the shop to buy lunch which consists of a tuna sub a BBQ beef sub and various sweets and chocolate bars. The shop only seems to sell booze, snack foods and sweets. All the main ingredients for a happy Stringer family.

Back at the pool to leave Tammy basking in the sun while the girls and I go to the beach. I paddle and generally ponder on life while the girls attempt to build an ocean proof hole. This will be our last time on the beach but I'm not too sad, as Tammy says, we will almost certainly return sometime during our 42 year DVC membership.

At the pool India takes part in the Tug of War, boys v girls. The girls win as the boys let the side down. Mind you, the girls did outnumber the boys two to one.
Georgia is desperate to play mini golf again so off we go to tee off. This time I am 4 over par which I put down to the windy conditions. Both Tammy and India are happy as they get hole in ones.

After a shower we are ready to dine out. This time we choose Mr Manatee's in Vero Beach. It describes itself as THE place for casual dining and this turns out to be pretty accurate. It isn't the prettiest place that we have been to but it is clean and the food is very good.
We start with Teriyaki Steak Bites (9.9 excellent) and Baked Potato Skins with bacon, cheese and spring onions (7.5). India has the Salmon Brochette (8.5) and we share the Chicken Breast in a creamy mushroom sauce (8.5). For dessert Tam and I split an Over Indulgence, brownie, ice cream and whipped cream (9.0) and the girls share a Banana Pie layered with ice cream (6).
Tam also has a couple of glasses of the house wine which she says is very good. Total is $80, which is not bad considering the amount of food and drink consumed. This also includes quite a healthy tip for Cindy who is probably the friendliest server we have had the whole trip.

Back at the room we watch A Bug's Life before bed.